Mayor of Martin Receives Live Ammunition as Threat

The Most-Hid party has expressed shock at the news that its candidate Andrej Hrnciar received an envelope containing live ammunition, the party’s press secretary informed The Daily today.

Hrnciar, who is mayor of the town of Martin in Central Slovakia, found the unusual correspondence among his official mail. The party is astonished at the lengths some people will go to because of their prejudices.

“We are convinced that the mayor received the bullet as a warning, because he is candidating for the Most-Hid party in the elections”, reads the party’s statement. . The incident comes after the head of the nationalist party SNS, Jan Slota, made vulgar remarks about Hrnciar and called for everyone in Martin “to spit on him, kick him in the ass and throw him out of the Town Hall”.

In response, Hrnciar said that he was not worried that people would take Slota’s comments to heart, but someone did in the end. The Most-Hid party therefore underlined the impact Slota’s words may have had as he called on people to attack Hrnciar. Mayor Hrnciar has filed a criminal complaint over the incident.

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