Meciar Won’t Celebrate 20th Anniversary of ‘His’ Constitution

This Saturday 1 September Slovakia will celebrate the 2oth anniversary of the Slovak Constitution, which was penned back in 1992 by then Prime Minister Vladimir Meciar, but Mr Meciar has declined an invitation to take part in the official celebration of the event.

Vladimir Meciar (c) Péter Kamocsai

The gathering of top officials will take place a day early on Friday at the old parliament building and will be attended by a host of dignitaries, but seemingly minus the man who held the Slovak helm as prime minister three times and who saw the country through the split with the Czech Republic.

Vladimir Meciar became almost reclusive after his long established HZDS party had a catastrophic result of under 1% in the last election from March 2012, and many feel he is bitter at the people for not appreciating what he did for the country, an opinion that could be reinforced by the latest refusal.


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  1. What I really hate is giving the merits to people who doesn’t deserve it. First of all, the split of Czechoslovakia wasn’t the Idea of Meciar. Meciar just took an oppurtinity to be named The Father of Slovakia.

    As Slovak I don’t find the split as bad idea. I find the split as bad idea regarding to following 5 years well known as so called Period of Meciarism.

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