Meciar’s HZDS Files Complaint About Hungarian Billboards

As the March 2012 elections approach, political parties are starting to stamp on each others toes and the non-parliamentary party of Vladimir Meciar, HZDS, has filed a complaint to the Central Election Committee about the billboards of non-parliamentary Hungarian coalition party SMK.

Vladimir Meciar (c) Péter Kamocsai

HZDS is claiming that the bilingual pre-election billboards of the SMK are against the law, because they put the Hungarian language first instead of the Slovak language, as required by the Act on the National Language. One of the billboards bears the phrase “Education in the mother tongue! Solution needed”!

Meciar’s party states that the SMK is playing the Hungarian card and scaremongering ethnic Hungarians unjustifiably that they have something to fear. After discussing the petition, the Central Election Committee has passed it on to the Ministry of Culture, which oversees language issues of this sort.

The SMK party told TASR newswire that it acts within the confines of the law, but that it will wait on the verdict of the Ministry of Culture before deciding on next steps. The party also noted how the HZDS should be dealing with the social problems in the country instead of wasting its time on such trivial matters. With declining support, though, the HZDS party will probably make use of any chance of exposure it can get.


  1. Gosh , people are posting real comments …..time for me to sharpen my pencil .

  2. Who is this man? His face looks familiar.

  3. this is about as deep as one can get here in slovakia- to argue over who gets to go first on about this: why isn’t that old fart and his family and friends in jail by now?

    1. 1. Harabin
      2. Trnka
      3. Gasparovic

      That’s why….

      1. And the rest of the mainly lazy “It’s like this everywhere” population who would rather live as servants to these incompetent swine than stick up for themselves. Anyway, I’m off to Aupark to shop, I can’t be bothered..

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