Meciar’s Memoirs Sure To Produce Some Surprises

One of Slovakia’s most prominent ever political figures, Vladimir Meciar, who oversaw the birth of the Slovak Republic back in 1993, holding the post of Prime Minister three times, has decided to publish his memoirs, which if sincere and open could reveal more than most of the country’s political and business elite would want.

Vladimir Meciar (c) Péter Kamocsai

Meciar, now 72, became the iron man of Slovak politics in the wake of the 1989 Velvet Revolution and it wasn’t long before he endorsed the split of Czechoslovakia and started imposing his ideas on the newly formed and vulnerable Slovak Republic.

Without doubt, Meciar’s political career and his impact on Slovak society can’t be underestimated, as he pioneered an era that become known for blatant corruption and cronyism, paving the foundations, and values, on which Slovakia would then be built.

Meciar, who led his now all but defunct HZDS party many years, became bitter after the party nosedived with just 1% of the vote in this year’s election, so he could be about to unleash a wave of revelations about many of the high profile affairs. Not so quick. He plans to publish his memoirs in two parts, with the second part, guaranteed to be the juicy bit, to be published only after his death.

Meciar become untouchable in Slovak politics, possibly as he had some kind of leverage on all the other politicians. He was at the centre of various affairs, like the manoeuvring with what is now US Steel Kosice along with the Rezes family or the kidnapping of President Michal Kovac’s son, but he was an expert at bending things in his favour. He is the one holding the full list of conned investors in the bogus investment companies in Slovakia, for instance, and now his memoirs look set to reveal certain “government documents” that he has kept secret for years.

HZDS party headquarters. Facing the end (c) The

Meciar’s HZDS party is now clinging to the hope of a comeback, but still has no figurehead since Meciar withdrew from the public eye. Meciar does not completely rule out a return to politics, though, but his era of power is well gone.  Even so, his book is sure to become a bestseller.


  1. If he prints anything with any common decent honesty! He himself would get flogged and beat…. So fat chance of any true dirt being published! The man is a dog and should be kicked out or set off on the run like Gadafi was… and chased by the people he has ripped off!!! ( The Slovak Republic)

    1. Imitation is the highest firm of flattery. Contrary to belief – Noel.F (now EX pat) is not in fact Noel Flannery.
      The Real Noel Flannery.

  2. Meanwhile the privileged offspring surely shrug this off and smirk. It’s nearing ski season for daddy’s girl.

    1. Oh well said Marek , I think ??

      A bit like when the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.

  3. Those so called Meciar’s Memoirs are nothing more than one of the last attempts to grab some attention. No one really respect him or listen to his opinions anymore ,so why not to have last 5 minutes of fame? Good tactics, Mr Meciar.
    He always knew exactly how to fuel those emotions, he was master in manipulation.
    Meciar’s biggest support base lied with Slovakia’s older generation and less educated people . Political analysts have even dubbed his most ardent fans the “Democratic Grandmothers”.
    Meciar gained his success when anti-Meciar block fell apart, leaving a leadership vacuum by which Meciar again profited on, – in the most vulnerable period Slovakia ever had, after separation.
    As his supporters are slowly dying out -so is his impact on the Slovakian political scene.

    1. Juraj
      What are you saying man? “Less educated” people and the elderly were to blame for Merciar’s rise to power – 3 times as PM and partner to Fico’s last govt. No doubt it was this same group who put that plantpot in your presidential palace and voted Bobby and his Bandits back into power to conduct the ever numerous dodgy dealings that seem to be reported daily.
      The other side of the coin is that Merciar, Bobby no Mates and others can get power in this country because the majority of the “better educated” and younger Slovaks are just apathetic and don’t bother to vote.

  4. King Con announces that he is to publish his memoirs and the salivation starts. Does anyone really believe this guy has had his honesty chip installed since he fell from grace? Volume one will no doubt attempt to even some scores, cast the shadow of suspicion on a “marked” few but in the main will try to influence public opinion of him as a person – another con trick!, but one that will work because the sheep believed his every word and voted for him in the past – 3 times!
    Volume two may have the real dirt in it but I doubt if there will be anything that highlights his wrongdoings – he will never come clean. We can only hope the publishing conditions for the second tome are fufilled as soon as possible.

    1. Perhaps nutty judge will ban the books publication , as in the case of Tom Nic….no one in Slowvakia wants to hear the truth ….

      I can hear , the words `no, because of my good name` being smeared on the writ already .

  5. Dead men tell no tales…unless you produce a book to be helod until you are dead and under….. Hmmmm….. Looks like Richard Cranium may need to relocate, I am sure his name will come up in the book, since he is such a huge influence on the Slovak people!

    1. With that logic Cowpat …just don`t wire any plug sockets , OK ?

  6. He will have to buy all 50 books himself to make it a best seller.

  7. Yea and Slowvaks just kept voting for him, for many years . Say`s it all really .

    Perhaps the dopes voted for him, because he could sing a good song eh ?

    Time for a cake on feels .

  8. I don’t think there will be any surprises at all. Maybe just lots of lies or delusional ramblings about other people.

    He screwed everything he touched. There is not even one good thing I can think of that he did. Even the split isn’t what he can take full credit for as it was “given” to him by Klaus. I don’t complain about that though.

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