Messages between Sulik and Radicova Before Government Collapse Revealed

An article today in SME daily reveals the conversation that took place between former PM Iveta Radicova and head of the Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party Richard Sulik one day before the PM decided to combine the vote on the EFSF bailout fund and a no-confidence vote in the government, which eventually brought the short-lived four-party coalition government down back in October 2010.

Former coalition in better times (c) NRSR

The message sent by Radicova clearly states that she would not combine the vote, which would guarantee the downfall of her government and hand power to Robert Fico. This eventually was the scenario that took place as she went back on her word and called the bluff of Sulik and his SaS party, who stuck to their principles. Radicova said she would not “put her signature to Fico’s return” to power.

Radicova was overpowered by the other three parties, however, and so her government fell senselessly, but not without certain people gaining from it. Radicova is now writing a book in which she talks about her short term in power, and so she consented to the text messages being published.


  1. I look forward to reading her book, hope its in English too.

  2. Me,me,me thats all SVKs worry about. Most probably why you’ve been subjects for most of your history – no esprit de corps!

  3. Ok, lets talk about past instead of solving contemporary problems.

    1. Volodaaa
      If you care to look back at some of the comments posted here by your countrymen, Slovak history is used as an open ended excuse for almost everything that is happening at the present.

    2. Naaaaaaaa lets talk about the past …this country has nor real future and would be better served by being divided between Poland, Hungary and Austria .

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