Microscope on public procurement and other excesses

Following an extraordinary government session today, 15 July, PM Iveta Radicova announced that the government planned to publish all public procurement contracts by the end of the summer, probably in August.

“By the end of August we’ll publish a list of existing, pending contracts,” she said. The government took the decision to publish the contracts due to the many questionable tenders that have taken place in 2010 in the run-up to the elections, and also immediately after the results were in.

Another target will be the salaries handed out in public administration posts. The government plans to review them and take necessary steps to curb excesses, with special focus on the bonuses that were dished out after the June elections.

Radicova and co also want to re-evaluate contracts closed with trade unions, because  in many cases “they go beyond the law to a huge extent, with five-months compensation paid out to employees who have worked just two years”, she explained.

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