Mihal Raises Questions About Procurement Act Revision

Former labour minister from the SaS party Jozef Mihal has accused the government of speeding up a debated revision to the Public Procurement Act so they can streamline a tender worth an alleged EUR 460 million.

Jozef Mihal (foreground) (c) The Daily

Mihal made his accusations in parliament yesterday, saying a tender at the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development was one of the main reasons, although he admits his information is still unconfirmed.

Mihal claims transport minister Jan Pociatek wants the tender through before jurisdiction for EU funds passes to Lubomir Vazny, adding that the two men are backed by different people, alleged sponsors of the Smer-SD party, Vladimir Poor and Juraj Siroky.



  1. More streamlining to come ………… Teflon coated envelopes for the bungs perhaps?

  2. No surprises there then. Transparency is a word Eastern EU countries have excluded from their vocabulary, sadly. What is even more sad is that the idiots in Brussels do nothing to scrutinise the farce that continues…

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