Minister Miklos Happy With Eurozone Agreement

Finance minister Ivan Miklos (c) The

The Ministry of Finance is happy with the outcome of talks on resolving the debt crisis in the eurozone, ministry spokesman Martin Jaros informed The Daily.

A statement issued today by the ministry cites: “The minister of finance of the Slovak Republic, Mr. Ivan Mikloš, welcomes the agreement of European leaders about measures for resolving the debt crisis. In particular he appreciates the strong participation of the private sector in revival programmes, which was a key demand of Slovakia.

The minister also regards one of the major successes of the summit to be the strengthening of obligations leading to a cut in budget deficits across the whole eurozone. This is the path that Slovakia is already walking, and the outcome will be a healthier and more sustainable monetary union. It is good that the uncontrolled and turbulent bankruptcy of member states has been avoided,  which with a positive reaction was appreciated also by the financial markets” says the statement.

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