Minister Nagy Questions Transparency of Recycling Fund

Although not surprising, minister of environment Jozsef Nagy has announced that the Recycling Fund has not been operating in a transparent way, while head of the fund Jan Liska has retaliated by saying the minister’s analysis is biased.

Ministry of Environment (c) The Daily

Liska claims that the minister’s statement is just a way of promoting the idea to merge the Recycling Fund with the Environment Fund, which the minister previously outlined as an option, with the Ministry admitting the strong possibility that the Recycling Fund in itself could be scrapped.

Minister Nagy feels that the management of the Recycling Fund is trying to make the most of what time is left by giving the green light to various projects worth hundreds of millions of euro, instead of sticking to a previous oral agreement to keep subsidies for projects on a small scale until new legislation is adopted.


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  1. Anyone interest in ‘rubbish’ should read the article in The Spectator this week .

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