Minister Tables Plan To Ban Dangerous Dogs

With the rising number of dangerous dog attacks in Slovakia, agriculture minister Lubomir Jahnatek plans to push through stricter conditions for keeping certain breeds of dogs.

The measure plans to ban two breeds of dog, according to an article yesterday in daily SME, namely Pit bull Terrier and Bandoga, meaning you could no longer acquire and register these breeds, while current owners will be exempt from the rule.

The daily cites Zoltan Tatarko from the American Bandoga Club as grieving about the plan, claiming that statistically Rotweilers and Alsation are involved in more attacks than Bandoga, for example.

The plan also targets another 13 breeds of dog, whose owners will have to have specially trained if they want to keep or breed them.they will also have to be muzzled and on a lead when taken out in public.

A woman was mauled to death by a pit bull terrier on Friday 17 August in the small town of Suchan while looking after around 20 pit bulls with her partner while the kennels owner was away. Since then, media attention is starting to show the frequency of attacks.


  1. Dangerous Dog are only owned by Dangerous People – I saw put a leash/chain on the owners and see how they like it!

    Outlawing a breed is like trying to outlaw criminals! It is not the dog’s fault the owner trains to kill!

  2. There appears to be an outbreak of common sense in BnMs’ government but why single out certain breeds for the muzzle and lead rule? All dogs should be on a lead and muzzled when in public areas. Yorkies and Jack Russels are as prone to biting as the larger breeds plus the irresponsible will claim their Heinz 57 is not one of the breeds stated in the regulation. It would also be easier for the Keystones to police if the rules applied to every dog. While your at it Mr Janhatek, make it illegal for dog owners not to have pooper scoopers and bags on their person when walking Fido, it may save some of us from the dog pooh tango when we go for a walk.

    1. Perhaps we could pass a Law to muzzle all Slowvaks when on the streets as well ?

      Mind you making them carry their own personal poop scooper and bags, might just be a bridge too far ?

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