Ministry Set To Quash 17% Hike in Gas Prices

An article in today’s daily Pravda looks at the battle over gas prices, after gas utility SPP filed for a 17% hike in prices for households, with the Ministry of Economy very much against the move.

Will consumers see another hike in prices? (c) James Riden

The Ministry of Economy under the leadership of Tomáš Malatinsky (nominee of Smer-SD) does not agree with the proposal, and so it will be revised by the SPP management. Ministry spokesman Stanislav Jurikovič says the ministry will therefore advise the state’s representatives in the Board of Directors to vote in favour of cancelling the price proceedings altogether, with the argument that it disagrees with the decisions of former state nominees in the BoD.

The Board of Directors of the company approved the request for a price increase at a time when the nominees of the department of the economy were placed in the company while the ministry was still led by Juraj Miškov (SaS), now in the opposition. Štefan Slezák from the SaS parts says Slovakia’s representatives did not support the proposal. “We voted against, but the proposal was pushed through by representatives of the foreign shareholders all the same, despite our opposition”, Slezák points out (the state has 3 BoD members while the foreign shareholders have 4).

SPP wants prices for households to increase because otherwise it claims it will be losing tens of millions of euro in the household segment. It argues that the reference values used by the regulatory authority URSO to calculate prices were not realistic, especially thanks to the weakened euro against the US dollar.  The latest price hike proposal therefore looks set to be quashed once again.


  1. This problem isn’t just with SPP but with all utility companies, being it VSE (Eastern Slovakia Electricity), the water company but also the local goverments.

    I was really surprised when they redid the road in front of our company last week that everybody was actually working and the job was done rather quick and it was even done well. Now I can’t fill my fillings anymore whenever I’m travelling for work. Nobody was taking care of the tools not falling to the ground by holding on to them, there was a supervisor, but he was actually supervising and he was even friendly, well how about that.
    A big compliment for the Strabag company…..

  2. Dave, I’m dutch…

    1. Dr. P – Appoligies for the assumption.
      Nice to see other foreign nationals as bemused by this country as I am.

  3. “claims it will be losing tens of millions of euro” ????? They should be happy to make the Anvrage income here in Slovakia….NOT Milliions more! Too many pocket deep but brain stupid people here in Slovakia! I kinda like the Socialist views in a way…al get the sme! But those who work harder, should get more! Work is irrelavant to income these days! I hate the whole system!

    1. Ah EXPAT these aren’t your everyday local money grabbers. These are foreign investors who a previous govt. allowed to take control of a strategic industry – at a knock down price, and no doubt with some pocket lining.
      With less than 3 million supplied sites, and no competition, they believe they can charge what they want, when they want. I hope BnMs’ govt does throw this price hike out – we shall have to wait and see.
      I’m not a die hard socialist but I do not agree with basic utilities being in the hands of companies who’s reason for being, is to make money for shareholders who, in the most, don’t live here.

  4. If they’d do something about all the non-jobs they might save a lot of money. Everytime somebody is working and it’s not for a privat-firm it seems there have to be six people present with one maybe working and 5 other keeping the shovels from falling over.

    When we applied for gas in the street where we’re building a house first they said they’ll pay 20 meters so 20 meters for us, 20 for the neighbour and so on. This was no problem but when we went there to arrange it this year they said the rules changed and we have to pay for everything. Ok, still no problem but also the project which costs several thousand euro’s.

    So I first have to pay several thousand euro’s before I’m allowed to become their customer. We passed for that and we’re now in the final preparations for a gas tank in the garden combined with wood oven.

    So loose a lot of non-jobs in the organisation, that would save a lot. I had to do the same in the company I’m working for when I arrived here, now we have a profitable company with a workforce that works with a smile and still gets a lot of things done.

    1. Dr. P. – Well said, Sir! At last a Slovak ( I presume you are a Slovak) who has realised the number of non-jobs in the Gas Companies at least, gud on ya!
      A few hundred thousand Slovaks like you and you may effect some change.
      Well done on deciding to go for LPG and wood for your heating – I know it is your only option at present but I am sure you and your family will benefit in the long term.

  5. I thought the Watchdog Gaz man Regulator, independent of Government ( OK , ho, ho ho ! ) did the pricing review with SPP . Has this changed ?

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