Miskov dusts off neglected investment stimuli requests

Economy and Construction Minister Juraj Miskov brushed off the dust from two projects of foreign investors from the portfolio at the department that he feels deserve consideration in terms of their request for investment stimuli. He plans to present a proposal on the projects today, 28 July.

The first one concerns Brazilian company Embraco Slovakia (compressors), which wants to generate another 300 jobs in Spisska Nova Ves and the second is a project of Belgian-Slovak joint venture LVD S2 (metalworking), which should produce 250 new jobs in Revuca.

Miskov says these two projects are particularly interesting and of a high-quality, but that they had been ignored by the former government. He continued to criticise the former government saying how “there were projects that I would never have agreed with due to their non-transparent background. “Specifically, I’m referring to investors that I’ve never heard of and which created jobs at excessively high costs,” he said.

The Ministry of Economy and Construction is presently conducting in-depth audits of all signed contracts and public tenders, and Miskov assures the public that “as soon as I get my hands on the results, I’ll be sure to inform the public about any controversial cases”.

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