Miskov lobbies for Indian investments in Slovakia

Asian News International reports how Slovak economy minister Juraj Miskov told around 40 Indian and Slovak businesspeople today that bilateral trade and investment relations between the two countries had to be strengthened.

Economy minister Juraj Miskov (c) The Daily

Miskov pointed out that the Slovak economy had overcome the negative economic growth brought on by the global economic recession to enjoy the highest positive growth in the EU (at 4%).

Miskov underlined the various benefits investors had by investing in Slovakia, with a young educated workforce and low inflation as the main incentives. He referred to Slovakia as an automotive superpower and the gateway to Europe.

Slovak ambassador to India, Marian Tomasik, said at the meeting that the two countries had an excellent relationship and that India was highly interesting for Slovakia. He then reiterated the opportunities open in the field of military equipment, which defence minister Lubomir Galko has been promoting in India recently.

Indian businesspeople were also given a presentation of various practical investment opportunities in Slovakia by head of the FDI section of SARIO, Andrea Gulova.

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  1. Indians must refrain from Investing in a xenophobic country like Slovakia with offers an extremely small economic market as well as bias towards Indian businessmen. Take for example of Slovak airlines that was bought over by an Indian and several restrictions were put on it till it finally went broke!!

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