Miskov tries to lure US investors to Slovak business haven

Economy minister Juraj Miskov is on his ‘promotional’ tour of America this week, and has said in Washington DC that he wants Slovakia to be regarded as the Singapore of Europe. Miskov said investors from the USA would be needed to achieve this goal.

Economy minister Miskov (c) The Daily

In his sales pitch as part of the event called Invest in Slovakia, Miskov said Slovakia was an attractive and prosperous business partner for US businesses. He says Slovakia is the ideal platform for US businesses to launch into the EU as it had the fastest growing GDP in the EU last year and also because it is one of the few countries in Central Europe to have the euro currency.

Outlining the other advantages that Slovakia had over its neighbours, Miskov pointed to a business friendly environment, a unified tax system, high labour productivity, high level of literacy, an open economy and strategic geographical location.

This was the first of five Invest in Slovakia lectures to be given by Miskov, with the next one planned for tomorrow in New York City.

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