Miskov Wants To Check Legality of Solar Plants

Solar plants in Slovakia are about to come under the watchful eye of economy minister Juraj Miskov as he wants to crack down on cases of unfinished plants receiving permits illegally.


photo (c) SolarWriter

At a press conference yesterday (19 July) Miskov appealed to people to report any photovoltaic sources that should already be in operation but which are not, while providing a full list of possible cases on its website.

The problem lies in the fact that if solar plants receive the green light from electricity distribution companies they can sell it advantageously under subsidy in line with the Renewable Energy Act. Plants should have been ready by 30 June and the Ministry of Economy wants to make sure all conditions have been met, because if unfinished they would have to sell their electricity at market prices.

If the Ministry discovers any cases of this kind it will initiate all steps to demand personal liability and have the plant in question struck off the list of plants entitled to subsidies.


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