Mobile Operators Reject Amounts of Licence Fees

The two biggest mobile operators in Slovakia, T-Mobile and Orange, are both appealing the recent decision of the Telecommunications Authority that set the price for renewed 10-year licences.

Orange was ordered to pay EUR 40.7 million and T-Mobile EUR 47.8 million, and both operators feel hard done by. the Telecommunications Office now has 30 days to provide its stance to the appeals.

The companies feel the authority did not set the licence fees based on accurate data, which differs from the figures given in their respective annual reports. Orange has stated that the process was insufficiently transparent and discriminating.

The licence fees were announced by the Telecommunications Office on 9 August and the two operators left it till the last minute to lodge their appeals. The appeals mean the matter could be dragged through the courts, which in Slovakia could mean no payment is made for years.

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