Model Accused of Murdering Brit in Spain in Custody

Slovak model Maria Kukucova has been detained by police in Slovakia as a suspect to the murder of her former boyfriend, British millionaire Andrew Bush, who was shot dead in his villa near Marbella in the Costa del Sol, Spain.

The 24-yr old  model went amiss after the murder, making her way to Slovakia before handing herself in to the Slovak authorities this week. She is a prime suspect and is being accused of the murder by Spanish police and Bush’s last girlfriend Maria Korotaeva, who claims it was a crime of jealousy. The Spanish police issued a European arrest warrant on Kukucova.

Kukucova is accused of shooting Bush after lying in wait for five hours in his villa, before then fleeing the scene in Bush’s Hummer, according to Korotaeva. The police in Nove Mesto nad Vahom are now questioning the young model, who could be extradited to Spain to serve trial.

Slovak website has reported that Kukucova is claiming she killed Bush in self-defence after he physically attacked her and that she had gone there to discuss alimony as she is carrying his child.


  1. Can I ask ? When is this Mewspaper actually gonna print news that is upto date and current ? This story is at least a week old ???

    I thought this was `THE DAILY` not the Weekly ?????

  2. Typical young Slowvak woman. Get herself knocked up and then wants a man (or the State ) to pay for her own stupid mistake . Never heard of birth control honey ?

  3. She turned herself in? She could of lived at her local SK address for generations by the time to police woulda nabbed her. I mean it’s not like she had an unpaid health payment or anything.

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