MoF: New E-Points Will Simplify Access to Title Deeds Etc

Post Office on SNP, Bratislava. Possibly the first E-point (c) The

Finally, it looks like the practicalities in arranging copies of documents like title deeds are set to become simpler as the Ministry of Finance is launching a programme of so-called e-points in March.

The pilot run of the e-points project will involve post offices in Bratislava and Trencin, with others soon to follow to produce a planned total of 120 e-points by the end of 2013, Milos Molnar from the MoF Informatisation Section informed daily SME.

The e-points should provide quick and easy access not only to title deeds and other related land documents, but also to the Companies Register and even the vehicle registration directory, probably at half the cost, says the Ministry.

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