More Customers Switching Electricity Supplier

The electricity market in Slovakia can now say that it is fully liberalised as more and more companies enter the competition to acquire customers, also in the residential segment.

More and more households are switching to a new supplier, with the volume of customers changing supplier last year doubling over 2009, with over 17,000 households making the move. They are being lured in by cheaper prices, but possibly also by the approach that erstwhile ‘monopolies’ have toward their customers. .

Large gas, electricity and telecommunication companies in Slovakia are ruthless when it comes to cutting off their services. it makes no difference if you have been their customer for 10 or more years, they will cut you off no matter how small the amount you owe in your bill.

The residential segment of the electricity market has basically been liberalised since 2007, but because of the regulatory methods and the size of the market, alternative companies have been slow to react.

This trend can also be seen in the commercial sector, with over 4,600 organisations switching supplier, around 1,600 more than in 2009. The latest figures are based on data released by national regulatory authority URSO.

The battle for customers should lead to slightly better prices, as this is the main and sometimes only advantage that alternative suppliers can offer. If you plan to change to a cheaper supplier, check the small print for other services and charges.

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