More dubious emission sales; easy money from hot air

Last week information came to light about more CO2 emission allowances being sold way below market price, this time in state-run heating companies led by nominees of the former government parties of SNS and HZDS.

For instance, at the beginning of 2008 the heating company in Trnava sold around 60,000 tons of emission quotas at just EUR 0.01 per ton, a fraction of the market price of at the time, which was over EUR 20 per ton. The company continued to sell its quotas through to 2009.

The heating company in Zvolen was not so bad, as it sold its CO2 quotas at ‘just’ 79% under price.

The companies in Trnava and Zvolen had no problem selling their quotas at these special bargain prices to two companies in Bratislava – WMJ Company and KP Consulting.

Now the heating company in Zilina, led by SNS nominees, is also being suspected of the same practices.

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