More Jobs with New Arrivals at Industrial Parks

A new factory will be built int the industrial park in the town of Vrable, south-central Slovakia by Semecs. The company manufactures and assembles electronic control modules. It gives work to 350 people and wants to increase this number to 450 within 2 years.

Kechnec industrial park

Entry to the industrial park IPZ Zaborske in Presov has been confirmed by another investor. After the U.S. concern Honeywell and its Italian supplier Travaglini, the Presov-based company Asis is also going to build a production hall there.

A new project of car maker Volkswagen could bring investments totaling tens of millions of euros, hundreds of new jobs and exclusive production of environmentally-friendly hybrid cars to Slovakia. Based on the latest information the German group might assemble plug-in hybrids in Bratislava, as well.

Italian company Magneti Marelli is expanding its production in the Kechnec industrial park. The plans include a new plant, high-tech products and hundreds of new jobs. The supplier of car components decided to invest millions of euros in eastern Slovakia despite the crisis. Source: SARIO


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    Don`t it make you proud, that Slowvakia was chosen to be ass end of the employment chain ??

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