More New Jobs Across the Country

The Town of Dubnica nad Vahom in the Povazie region is becoming the gate of the railway business in Europe thanks to the investment Dubnicky Metalurgicky Kombinat, which will become the only producer of components of railway bogies for wide‐gauge track in the countries of the European Union. Almost 500 people will find a job in Dubnica nad Vahom thanks to the Russian investor within two years.

The French automotive supplier Plastic Omnium opened a research and development center for two million euros that will open 160 new jobs in Slovakia.

The new jobs for engineers will be created in Nizna in the region of Orava this year. One of the companies will employ more than 30 people there next year. The new production hall should be approved by the end of the year.

Four companies are heading to the industrial park in Lipany and offer 98 jobs to people. Two of them run business in the area of electricity production from biomass. Other two companies want to run business in the area of fuels’ production.

The Swiss company Schindler commenced its business in Slovakia in 1993. Since then, it has given work to almost 200 people. But it was not until now that the company is launching its biggest investment in the region over the past years. The well-known lift maker will hire 260 staffers.

A German company supplying for the automotive industry starts recruiting to its company in Partizanske from January. It plans to employ some 100 people in the first phase. Source: SARIO


  1. This is like gobbin in the Ocean ? New jobs yes but at what price to the taxpayer ?

  2. Good news all round 🙂 unemployment is high in these areas, good to see investment and jobs.

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