More Slovaks Caught in UK Marriage Scams

photo (c) Tatiana Gerus

More Slovaks and Czechs have been caught in sham marriages in Lancashire in the UK after the police shut down an operation led by a couple who were paying the would-be brides around £ 1,500, The Daily Mail reports.

The couple, 30-yr old Andzelina Surmaj from Poland and her 38-year-old Czech husband Milan Cina admitted four charges of arranged marriages and can expect a hefty sentence on 19 March. They were picking up single Czech and Slovak au-pairs at school gates, arranging marriages to Nigerian men at £ 4.500 a time.


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  5. Would be interesting to hear what Filipe De Matos has to say about this!

  6. Didn’t work in a shop mate – started out in the call centre and ended up as Team Lead – no your ‘shop assistant’ assumption is totally wrong.

    And if you could read properly you’d see that the title you are quoting was not ‘Retail Assistant’ rather ‘Retail Support Executive’ – I also teach English if you’re struggling with your reading skills!

  7. I note that on Linkedin that Donal was a Retail Assistant and claims Customer and Channel Management …isn`t that a grand title in the phone business for a shop assistant, with a bit of product knowledge ?

  8. Firstly, I’m ambitious and have left every company I have worked for of my own free will and to better myself. I worked with Vodafone for 2 years before moving to Slovakia.

    And with regard to the second comment, categorically no – I do not have a police record and have not been accused of or convicted of any crimes in ANY country.

    George, people like you are a cancer on society – I won’t be entertaining your delusionary bullshit anymore.

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  13. Emerald was in operation as a sole trader since 1999 and as a s.r.o. since 2010 – the brand and services are the same.

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  17. @ George . The `I have nothing to hide` Donal Green owns a company EMERALD s.r.o., in Piestany, that runs it own scam of a translation and interpreting services, English and Slovak language courses, accounting and recruitment services. A Mr Catch all …..charging huge fees, promising employment to the stupid .

    Whilst claiming a translation and accounting company that has been operating on the Slovak market since 1999, the fact is EMERALD s.r.o. has been in operation for less than year ……make you think eh ?

    1. Lester you seem to be confused. I’m 25% owner of the company, the other owner, Mr. Branislav Galo was operating as a sole trader since 1999 under the name Emerald. We joined together in 2010 to form EMERALD s.r.o.

      Mr. Galo is licensed by the Slovak Government to carry out translation services in Slovak and English. We also have 2 fully qualified accountants who provide a quality service to a number of high profile companies in western Slovakia.

      Most of what I do is teaching. I teach English to approx. 65 people in 28 different companies in Bratislava – all of the services we provide are at a fair price and our quality has never been questioned. You made false claims without any evidence – I’ll happily answer any questions – I have absolutely nothing to hide.

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  19. @George M – If you dislike everything about Slovakia and Slovak people so much, why do you spend your time trawling stories about the country and it’s people and posting mundane, monotonous and ill-educated comments?

    Seems to me you’re a man with little to be doing – take my advice – get a hobby. Oh and I (unlike you) have no problem with using my REAL NAME – (nothing to hide)

  20. Funny you mentioned Mr.Bean: Mr.Bean is not funny for people who didn’t watch it when it came out. For people who laughed at it in the 90’s will laugh at it always.
    I work with an English guy and we enjoyed the old Mr.Bean together the other day.
    My command of Slovak language is limited, I admit. But compare to you understanding of Slovakia I am a bloody Shakespeare.

    1. Oh dear Losgar , your a Language Teacher …..God help us all !

  21. The joke makes no real sense ? Clearly your command of the English Language is very limited ……as Ga a Ga said, are you also of Hungarian mind? Perhaps there is some agenda to your odd jokes ?

    I understand there was a Slovak guy , called `Milan` ( kindly correct me if I am wrong J.B) at some Bratislava Comedy Evening , and no expat ever found him funny , but the Slovaks did ….

    Some Jokes just dont translate well ….Mind you, this is a country that thinks Mr Bean is rib tickling , where most normal people in the UK, just pass watching his shows .

  22. There is a bus going to the Tatra mountains. One passanger comes to the driver and asks: Mr.driver when will I be in the Tatra mountains?
    The driver says: In about one hour.
    George M. hearing this rushes to the driver and asks: And me??

  23. What an Australian girl wanted to marry a Slovak ? Blimmy she must have been a real 10 pinta, ………or plain bloody desperate …..

    ~Sorry George M. but I did smile when I read Losgar’s joke.~

    I too am sorry , as `his joke` was repeated across three comment threads, I assume just in case no one got it ….Which to be honest I did not as a joke, but I guess to a mindless Slovak or Mr Slovak wanna be , it appeared funny ( as do all bigot-racist jokes about Hungarian , Slovak and another three man funnies etc ).

    I guess it is all in the translation ?

  24. When I lived in Australia I got an offer for 10.000USD from an Aussie girl.
    I thought about that for about 1minute.
    I believe that it wouldn’t be a problem to find people in any country to marry anybody for money. And the money difference between Europe countries wouldn’t be even big.
    10-15 years ago Slovak girls slaved in Italy,… and some other countries. The situation changed and now f.e.Ukrainien girls slave in SVK. That makes me equally upset.

  25. The real loser will be the British tax payer who has to foot the bill.
    The Slovak legal system is dysfunctional.It should be seen more as a tool for ensuring white collar criminal activities are in accordance the law, primarily for the benefit of politicians and their beneficiaries, There are many good lawyers in Slovakia but they are lone cowboys operating amidst a tribe of Apaches, fighting over a barrel of firewater.

  26. I love this!
    Gag a Lady – bit of a poke in the eye – your pure Slovak sisters selling SK citizenship for the price of a second hand car.
    A golden opportunity for Slovak judges and prosecutors to go and watch how a proper legal system works. The case, if they plead not guilty, will last maybe two – three days ( Not two – three years plus!) and they will be doing porridge by early March.
    I feel sorry for the girls. Will they be punished by SK when they return?
    It would be interesting to know if there are any links between the agencies here in the SK who recruited them and the ringleaders in the UK – job opportunity for Trnka!
    Sorry George M. but I did smile when I read Losgar’s joke.

    1. Dave,
      Just to apply for SVK citizenship you must live at least 6 months in SVK and there are some other conditions I forgot. Then you get something like residency permit and wait for several years before geting the actual citizenship.
      What they were doing in the UK was probably helping the Nigerians stay in the UK.
      They broke the law in the UK. They will punish them over there.

      George M. is a very easy target to shoot at, I guess he is very young, my guess about 19. His language feels that way.

      1. Losgar, I am paid to feed the Chimps , by the Publisher .

        1. That is not true. We don’t even know who cynic George is

        2. You are feeding yourself. That’s what you tried to say? 😀

          1. Now we have Chimps …….and a Gorilla .

  27. This is a real story:
    George M. comes to the Registry of births, deaths and marragies and says: Hello, I’d like to change my name.
    The office lady asks: What’s your name?
    George Moron.
    Oh, I see. And what will be your new name?
    Frank Moron

  28. Well you know what they say, once you go black….

    1. What do you say Dave?

      1. I like my women like I like my coffee: black and strong

        1. You must be very popular between the gypsie women. Good for you mate!! 😀

          1. Jesus Christ, you two should get a room …..

  29. If there was no work and money involved , what do you think …we are talking Slovaks here ?

  30. Do you think he would want to marry a Nigerian man?

  31. Sounds like a great business opportunity ….perhaps my pal Loghead can get his British passport this way .?

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