More Suspect Contracts Signed by GKU

The dubious contract concluded back in 2008 by head of the Liptovsky Mikulas branch of the Geodetic and Cartographic Institute (GKU), Patrik Hensel, which has seen the public institution pay EUR 89,000 monthly rent for a 4-floor vacant building ever since, was not the only disadvantageous business deal to be struck by the public institution.

According to SME daily online, at least another two suspect contracts were concluded by SNS party nominee Hensel, both with the company EMM, which was to provide “central monitoring of information system security” for the land registry offices to protect data from hostile attacks and misuse. The value of the contract for the lucky supplier EMM, which was the only company to be approached, worked out at over EUR 10.3 million between 2008 to 2010 according to the daily.

The company EMM was selected without a due tender using negotiated procedure without prior notice. This was apparently as EMM was the only company that could provide the well-paid service, due to “exclusive rights”, for which it cashed in around EUR 700 per hour.


  1. No comment really…Too many pockets filled with these monies every month obviously. High level cronyism. Sipping on there lattes in eurovea with their bugattis parked illegally underground, trying to look important on their high end smartphones.Ahhh…the good life. Again, you can only blame the Slovaks for letting this happen.. They do absolutely nothing about it. just shrug and shake their heads…shame

  2. Is Mr Hensel going to jail then? or is this another scandal to be swept under the carpet?

  3. A lot of Slowvak money is tainted. ‘Taint yours and it taint mine eh ?. Perhaps, `Sam`, a boiled egg is hard to beat, would like to comment on this matter ?

    I fancy a good laugh this morning .

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