More Teachers Protests as Stalemate Continues

The teacher’s pay dispute continues with more strikes and protests planned as the trade union is still not satisfied with the government’s offer.

Education minister Dusan Caplovic (c) Pavol Freso

Head of the trade union Pavel Ondek says the government has not met any of their demands. Teachers were originally demanding a 10% pay rise, but the government offered just 5%, which teachers’ representatives feel is not enough.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education, which is crying poverty in the face of the protests, has been targeted by daily Hospodarske Noviny as paying too much for its attendance in an exhibition this year.

The Ministry was to pay Incheba exhibition centre around EUR 220,000 to take part in the Science and Technology Week exhibition, while last year the ministry paid just EUR 80,000, although it spread out the event at the time. Even so, the daily points to how Incheba exhibition centre is owned by Alexander Rozin, who has ties with the governing Smer-SD party, as he ran in regional elections under the party banner back in 2005.


  1. So, is there any official explanation of why he’s paying so much more money on the exhibition this year? What’s it going to specifically?

    1. And to continue, I just looked up that exhibition on google. The official website’s newest update was in 2003. The other link said it all takes place in the Czech Republic. Do any of these exhibits make their way to Slovakia and Slovak students? This needs to be explained in greater detail.

    2. well, EUR 50,000 net is going to the exhibition centre alone

      1. What for, exactly? Is that just rent? And the rest?

  2. Yet another fine example of tax payers money being directed into BnM’s cronies pockets without a whimper.

  3. Money is being tracked? How thoughtfull!

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