More Transparency Says New Head of Secret Service

Last week Jan Valko was appointed new head of the Slovak Information Service (SIS), with his appointment by the government endorsed by President Ivan Gasparovic.

Valko says his main priority will be to make the secret service more transparent, but many question whether someone so young and with so little experience in this field will manage the job. Valko previously worked as head of the nulcear decommissioning company JAVYS.

PM Robert Fico came to his defence, though, saying Valko had the necessary managerial skills for the SIS job and that there was mutual trust between them.


  1. Hmmm. from Nuclear decommissioning to head of the SIS??? Seriously.. what qualifies him?

    Oh, he has the right managerial skills necessary to get the job done! Yeah right, more like the right managerial skills to be able to take the fall for all the government’s dodgy ways, recover after a humiliating termination, and become the next planning commission’s director!

    What a crock of BS!!!! If you want someone to really clean things up, the person needs to be ready to even go against the President! It worked for the FBI and Hoover… however he even had his closet door opened in time!

  2. “mutual trust between them”
    nudge, nudge, know what i mean, Know what i mean, a nods as good as a wink to a blind bat!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Another Bobby no Mates lapdog appointed to an important and sensitive position.

  4. The title alone pegged my irony meter fully into the red.

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