Most-Hid Files Against SNS Party Over Billboards

Hungarian minority coalition party Most-Hid has decided to file a criminal complaint against the nationalist SNS party over inciting ethnic hatred and intolerance with its billboard campaign.

Party spokeswoman Nora Czuczor informed The Daily that the main complaint concerned anti-Hungarian SNS billboards placed throughout the country, but also the derogatory statements made by SNS MPs in parliament and in the press.

Pre-election SNS billboard with Rudolf Pucik, who is no longer in the party(c) The Daily

Most-Hid party head Bela Bugar said that such dangerous expressions had no place in the 21st century, especially from top politicians, noting how the SNS billboards were trying to persuade Slovaks that being a patriot means hating other nations.

Bugar also plans to approach local mayors to encourage them to make use of the revised Minority Languages Act, with the production of stickers saying “We speak Hungarian/Ruthenian/German/Romani/Ukrainian here” in an effort to get local authorities and businesses to promote the use of minority languages.

According to SITA newswire, the SNS party is defiant and will keep its billboards in place, saying they promote national pride and the state language, with only Most-Hid having a problem with them. All SNS billboards can be viewed here.

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