Motions To Cut Party Funding Fail, as Expected

An attempt in parliament today to cut the financing of political parties failed, as the proposals of both Daniel Lipsic (formerly KDH) and Igor Matovic (OLaNO) were rejected.

Lipsic had submitted a motion that would slash the money political parties receive from the state for votes and the remuneration for MPs in half. He also called on stricter controls of “donations” to political parties, demanding that they be set aside in a special account and only be granted by bank transfer.

Igor Matovič, known for his unorthodox or extreme proposals, wanted to cancel the financing of political parties from state money altogether, and even prohibit parties from conducting pre-election campaigns.


  1. Dany Boy and Igor both want their lumps feeling! BnM with his majority is never, ever going to allow any other party to put lumps in his gold lined, feather bed. Nice try but a waste of time. The only change here will come at the end of a bayonet or a rope!

  2. Positive side Smug, more like the dark side …

  3. You know, the more I see and read of this Micky mouse country, the glader I become that I will live in Austria, when my house is finally renovated and that I sold my Slowvak registered car, moved all my business action and personal investment out of Slowvakia, to help and make profit with a real group of normal thinking German people.

    I can only encourage all expats who thought to invest here to stay away from this hell hole, or just get out now while you can, if you can …..this place is doomed to live and just exploit those poor taxpayers that even can be aszed to pay any tax or robberbaron EU fund projects and forever more.

    1. Look on the positive side Arthur. Two of the current motley band of pseudo democratic aficionado have proven themselves to be honest, and somewhat hourable. The greed of the remainder is of course reflected in the abject poverty of the majority of Slovak’s, who survive on developing country wages in a high cost Western economy.
      PS this American spell check is raining me off!

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