Motorway Administration Head Fined Over Dubious Contract

The director of the state motorway administration company NDS, Milan Gajdos, has been charged a fine by the Constitutional Court depriving him of one year’s salary over a conflict of interests surrounding insurance contracts signed on behalf of the authority.

The Court ruled that he would be stripped of the salary worth around EUR 40,000, but the irony in the tale is that the incriminating insurance contract probably covers him for the loss, daily Hospodarske noviny writes on Friday.

Gajdos was accused of signing a dubious contract with Allianz insurance company in 2012 while head of the NDS, with a parliamentary committee finding him guilty of concluding a policy with strange terms, as they included things like insuring managers against sexual harassment lawsuits and so on, as well as for the payment of any fines  or penalties, meaning the policy will probably cover Gajdos for the lost salary.

The CFO of NDS, Daniel Mako, is also up on the same accusations, but his appeal is still pending.


  1. I know read that the State Audit Office has found over 10,500 questionable or outright illegal transgressions of regulations by State organisations in the last 18 months. Conservative estimates put the cost to the tax payer at over a billion Euros yet the culprits invariably get off scot-free or with a petty slap on the wrist.

  2. However Allianz is a giant corporation. If anything there should be some charges against them. Something back in their home country.Just as USA companies can be charged for bribing foreign officials. I believe this exists in the EU as well

  3. I can’t belive an insurance policy, could be produced that would leave the company wide open to protecting individuals in such a manner. It beggars belief.
    Surley the underwriters would question the morality of such actions.

    1. Austin: There is very little morality in this country and very little law and order. Two days ago I caught people, red-handed, stealing building materials from my property, I had 3 neighbours as witnesses. The police came, questioned the culprits and advised me that unless the materials were marked in some way or I had photographic evidence of them taking it, there was nothing they could actually do about it – WTF! The best advice they could offer was to install CCTV, build higher and stronger fences and maybe get a dog.

  4. So, let me get this straight. A public employee uses public funds to protect himself and his mates from any penalty that they may have imposed as a result of them breaking the law or conducting dodgy deals………. and he only gets a fine which his dodgy insurance covers. Mmmmm …… it appears that there is stupid, congenital stupid and Slovak stupid. The sack, loss on pension and blacklisted from holding any further state posts would have been a more appropriate punishment.

    1. Dave, if they sacked him and denied him his pension they would be punishing him, I don’t think that’s what they intended to do

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