MP Kuffa: Gays Are Sick and Need Help

Today is International Day Against Homophobia, not something that will be celebrated by MP Stefan Kuffa from Igor Matovic’s Ordinary People and Independent Personalities party (OLaNO) who earlier this week declared publicly that in his opinion homosexuals were sick people, adding to this by later saying he would ban the Rainbow Pride parade, due to take place in Bratislava in June.

Romana Schlesinger at the forefront of gay rights in Slovakia (c) The Daily

As could be expected, Kuffa’s comments met with an outcry from the LGBT community, who were soon demonstrating at parliament and demanding an explanation and an apology from Kuffa. In the end, Kuffa stuck to his guns, refused to apologise and that the only explanation was that it was his opinion.

In his anti-gay rhetoric, Kuffa said he liked how the Russians had dealt with it, as the gay pride marches there have been banned. He even mentioned how the World Health Organisation had classed homosexuality as a mental disease once upon a time (22 years ago).Β “Letting sick people run around the streets and leaving them without assistance is a serious error. We have to help them, we have psychologists, treatment centres” Kuffa said.

Gay rights activist and head of Rainbow Pride, Romana Schlesinger, says she doesn’t expect an apology from Kuffa, but although accepting that it is his opinion, she objects strongly to such statements being used in parliament and from the mouth of an MP.Β “I have no reason to apologise. I didn’t mean intentionally to insult anyone and I don’t think I insulted anyone”, Kuffa explained.

Now the LGBT community is calling for legislation that would make hateful comments aimed at homosexuals against the law, which would put Slovakia on a par with another 23 countries of Europe that already have such a Β law. The statement of the LGBT community points out how almost 22 years since the general assembly of the World Health Organisation declassified homosexuality as a disease, Kuffa’s comments rung out in the Slovak parliament. By this they are showing how Slovakia lags behind when it comes to equal rights for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals.

The Rainbow Pride march will take place on 9 June 2012.


  1. kuffa needs to get treated for heterosexuality and see how that goes…? i`m sure it will work just fine and show everybody how it gets done when he`s gay πŸ˜‰

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  3. Does anyone else here think Jakoob and Loghead have the same father ?

  4. Jakoob,
    I am not gay, though again I do not have time to explain you that AIDS is not a gay specific disease, or that religion should not be in theory connected to legal judgement when referred to human rights. I just really hope one day your mind evolves.

    Take it easy and do pray for me on Sunday.

    1. Dont worry my Friend I know how to Adapt my self.

      (Life is for Every one) , to learn and to see what is wrong and wright, to become Wiser person which will lead you to be near to Gad πŸ˜€

      Enjoy Living in the positive way, Gad Pless you πŸ˜€

      1. Also I Forget to represent my self. i Was Sunday But now i converted to Friday πŸ˜€
        Gad Pless you πŸ˜€

  5. Yep. Rubber room for Jakoob .

    Does any believe Jakoob, actually speaks any English at all ??

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      1. Sorry , The Mountain is In EGYPT πŸ˜€

    2. He does not speak English, what I really wonder is how he can get hooked in a conversation he is not really part of, it is a bit disturbing to think he actually believes is making a point.

  6. Of Course Gays Are Sick and need help ! Send them to under medical supervision and be cured or be held in jail . This is nothing to do with God , as he does not exsist. Once we have completed the revolution and taken back our country from the priests, the perverts , the robbers etc ….they will be taken to the peoples court and then after a fair trial, they all one day will be shot at dawn .

    1. Lady Ga ga

      Man Read Prophet (Lot) Story πŸ˜€

  7. Rubber cell please for JAKOOB.
    Prosecuted? – because what Kufta has said in public causes offence and and is an offence under Slovak and International Law.
    Sectioned ? – Both you and Kufta should be under medical supervision if you both believe that someones sexual orientation is a disease. Your grasp on reality can be further questioned by your theory that anyone who doesn’t agree with your illogical ramblings is suffering from AIDS, the spread of which can in part be blamed on the Catholic Church and its continued opposition to the use of condoms, particulary in the poorest and least educated portions of the population.
    As for your fluffy god protecting the Earth – all the indications are that he’s not doing a very good job at the moment.

    1. ok Mr. Dave

      lets not talk about sensitive subject, AS i Understand that you hate the catholic Church which is the biggest anime for your Organization :P.

      yes Gad protect the Earth. he gave as the responsibility to protect Earth.
      . lets say Mr. NY is the president: that’s mean Earth will Convert to AIDS or (Devil) as they are slave for Hem.
      . lets say People like: Lynne McTaggart, Deepak Chopra, Esther Hicks, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, are the president, of course Peace will spread and Joyful life as they are slave for Gad.

      . Did you forget that devil is controlling people by there week point (Desires).

      I always pray for the King of Kings (Gad) who created this Universe to protect Us from this people who have this Desires and cure them from this Disease.

      I hope you understand the responsibility that Gad gave you πŸ˜€


      1. JACOOB – I don’t hate any religion. I fully support and will defend your and everyone else in their right to follow whatever religion they desire.
        I do, however, have a great dislike for any organisation – political or religious that seeks to dictate to people how they should act or think. If the ultimate being created mankind then our abilty to make rational decisions and choices on our own is part of his grand design and no one should should live their lives governed by the dictates of others.
        You, like so many other blinkered and narrow minded religious zealots, have missed the fundamental teachings of many of the worlds religions – tolerance. I find your and Kufta’s ramblings about sexual orientation being a disease quite offensive, disturbing and frankly medieval.
        One last point – if you pull your self righteous nose out of the Bible for a moment and care to read factual history or current affairs you will learn that much of the death, mutilation, hatred and misery in this world, both in the past and the present, is the result of the same kind of religious intolerance you continue to prescribe.

        1. yes i know that all the problems was created from the Religious and political people, and the both of them are best friends. . Why (to control and to have more money and Girls and ……. and Slaves.)

          And i know that the Religious and political people are always against the enlightenment people like (Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, and before them) Why (because they think that they came to destroy there low level life as Mr. NY want).

          and they use the name of the Prophet for there aim πŸ˜€

          And All the prophet from the first (Adam) tell the End (Mohammad) (Peace be upon them) came for the union of all mankind πŸ˜€ not we are white people or red Blood or Blue Blood or Chosen people πŸ˜› , Because we all are Humans who came from (Adam).

          And please don’t tell me that Adam is Gay πŸ˜€

          So this gay they Destroy the nature of human beings created by the Lord of the Worlds πŸ˜€

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    Lot, could you stop using google translator does not make much sense. I am not even waste my time replying to you or Jakoob, you guys are a lost cause. Hopefully, natural selection and education will decrease in numbers your kind, and nothing would teach you a better lesson than having one of your own with different sexual preferences. Let’s pray to your gods to give you the chance in your own flesh to accept homosexuality and maybe then you would be able to fully understand what is natural. Wow, what a combo slovak and close minded. Does it get any more stupid?

    1. πŸ˜€ you people always use 21 and close minded.

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  11. What a truly enlightened society you have here in Slovakia, it must be a source of great pride for you all.
    Kufta should be prosecuted and sectioned.
    As for our religious zealots – take some time off from being self righteous and read Mathew 7: 1-5 and John 7:24 and comply with the word of God. You also may care to take a look at a calendar – this is the 21st century not the middle ages.

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      Im Jakoop and Lot

  13. MR. New York, yes im a believer and i love when i her the story of (Lot) πŸ˜› when some one break the system of the universe, I like the story of Abraham Brother :P.

    Every one know that your Organization is protected from the Atheism Jakoop Organization ;D for Example ((Her khojem), i hop the name is rettin correctly).

    I love democracy. But by living with Sick people :D, Have you Forgot what the angel Gabriel DID πŸ˜€

    Also Yes we are Clever And we are proud πŸ˜€

  14. ~~~there is always going to be a horny guy looking to seed in a female partner. ~~~

    Yes I do agree, as long as the worlds females avoid Slovak males then the watering down and the IQ of the human race will not suffer .

    As for Jakoob …….finding God is a great idea??? After all according to you religious nutters God put us all on this planet …so what are Gays , not some of his best work then ???? Geeeeeze !

    1. Mr. George M

      yes Gad created as Also he gave as the (freedom) to choose what we want, for example (we can be near to (gad) as you or near to (Devil) as NY). Which one you will choose heaven or hell or peace full life or fearful life.

      he gave as the freedom of choice πŸ˜€


      1. Well according to you Jakoob,the life choice is between God or the Devil ……what about choosing no one and living your life just as you want ?

        Praying to a God, does seem a bit odd to me ?….I mean why would anyone want to bow down and be on his knee`s to a god. Why would a god need this following and blind obedience? If there is a high power, then please tell me how did the Dinosaur`s fit in his grand plan, say 50 million years ago ?

        1. ok πŸ˜€

          lets go to the richest countries, for example Sweden and Norway, lets talk about the not believers there, they have everything , they are Yong and full of power and spirits, after you read that, that countries have the largest Suicide number in the world.

          i gave you an example: young people full spirit living without gad, and there Ending is suicide (self-murder).

          because leaving without gad rules make feel (Airstrip) (Lack) (depressed) and that will make devil control them by Whispers, tell they self-murder.
          you know that devil is humans Enemy πŸ˜€

          About Dinosaurs: Every one knows that they are animals and they was very strong. And Imagine they couldn’t survive not because they are strong. they couldn’t Adapt them self in the Earth like the Sharks πŸ˜€ . Every one know that the Shark leaved for long years.

          About Humans: Gad made As Above all hes creatures (Read Adam and Eve story). because he gave as brain to think or lets say full conciseness which made as different from animals.

          For Example: animals have brain but they cant create a car as humans Did πŸ˜€ because they don’t have conciseness as humans.

          Why you bow your self to you president or your Boss in the company?
          Because you want to be in higher position near to hem and lets say more money πŸ˜€

          about ass we bow to hem to give as hes (bless=money) and to be near to hem (the more you are near to hem the more your conciseness will Grow and the more you will be enlightenment person).


  15. Ohhh and if you are a religious man you should probably pray to be blessed with a more intelligent brain, lol

  16. I think this Jakoob g@y is a very smart example of the Slovak old fashioned society and probably is afraid to find out he is gay and thinks that by giving certain population equal rights would probably mean an apocalpsis. It is just so funny how little a mind can be. Where is the connection between reproduction, sexual preference and human rights? As previously commented, everybody can mind their own business. Sexual preference does not spread and the desire of having kids is as well part of human nature. Do not worry as long as there are both gender and resources there is always going to be a horny guy looking to seed in a female partner.

  17. OK lets say they have rights, Also lets say they are not Sick, Thats mean that they will spread And Grow, that’s mean the country will be full of gays and lesbians, that’s means no one will get married, that’s mean no one will bring children, that’s means ………………………… !!!!!!, that’s means the distraction of the Country,

    Find for you a Doctor or search for God, the 2nd one will help you, I know they dont like 2nd.


  18. Well if gay people are considered by some as sick and to be cured , then it is of course a personal opinion and I would support their right to say that opinion, even I may not agree . Personally, I live and let live and if gays dont bother me, then I wont bother them . I am sure Ian would agree? I am not sure we need to give any people special rights, just the same rights as each other . I am sure Ian would agree?

    As for the MP and insluts of gays …..well I guess it takes one to know one . I am sure Ian would agree ?

    BTW , Ian shut that door on your way out, such a gay day !

  19. Kuffa is a fool who is living in the past. They are human beings who have as much right in this world as everyone else. Slovakia should bring the laws up to date and give equal rights to all. How this man became a MP to repsent the people when he insluts them is beyond belief.

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