Multiple Killer Gets Off Thanks to Mental Health Appraisal

A former municipal police officer could be getting off from multiple murder charges after going on a shooting spree that left three Roma dead and two injured in Hurbanovo back in June this year, thanks to a ruling that he was not in his right mind at the time.

Illustrative photo (c) Arasmus photo

The man, MJ, has been given a psychiatric appraisal that says he couldn’t have realised the danger of his actions and that he couldn’t control himself. The appraisal also says he belongs in a mental institution, as his behaviour might repeat itself.  Armed with a gun and heading to a whole family with intent therefore seems excusable.

The police are bemused by the appraisal, with SME daily citing police commissioner Tibor Gaspar as saying”we regard the appraisal as unclear” The appraisal classes the killer as suffering paranoid personality disorder, and if the diagnosis stands, MJ will be sent to the nuthouse for treatment instead of spending 25 years behind bars for the daylight slaying of a family.


  1. Oh PLEASE, come on now! It is clearly in the interest of the State to build an insanity case. The only other option is to admit that a police officer decided to be judge, jury and executioner. A half decent lawyer could quickly destroy such a defence in a proper criminal court with a jury. On the reported facts so far, if I was a jurer, I would find him guilty of premeditated, multiple murder no mattter how many experts gave evidence as to his mental state.


    For those who don’t speak Slovak:
    The nuthouse is a combination of a mental clinic and a prison.
    There aren’t many cases like this.
    The man suffers from an incurable mental desease. The only thing that can be done is to keep the desease under control so it wouldn’t get worse.
    The experts say it’s nearly impossible to fake the disease.
    The court can always ask for other experts’ opinion.

    1. The NUT HOUSE is called Slowvakia, is a combination of a mental clinic and a prison and most Ayran Slowvaks suffer from an incurable mental disease? The only thing that can be done is to keep the Slowvak disease under control, so it wouldn’t get worse and Experts say it’s nearly impossible to fake the disease?

      Loghead , so is the desease, or actually disease, the one where everyone just stares at you on the tram, or has that empty vacant look, as they pass you on the stress, or does it manifest by Slowvaks smelling of old sweat, pee and alcohol?

      Or is that something else ?

      1. So people stare at you and you smell old sweat, pee and alcohol? It might not be a coincident.
        Do you still smell it when you come home? Or when you wake up in the morning?

        If you answer is yes then it might be something else.

        The vacant look /while they look at you/ is probably a mixed feeling of dismay and disbelieve.

        1. You should change your mouthwash Loghead, it`s not making it .

  3. The dreaded phrase ‘care in the community’ springs to mind……

  4. A Slowvak claiming he is insane ? Loghead & Cowpat are you reading this ?

  5. Bemused is not the adjective that came to mind when I read this article. It comes as no suprise that there are mentally challenged people walking around with guns, so maybe its time for a National debate on the whole issue of who can / can’t carry firearms.
    The regular defence tactic of claiming insanity needs addressing too. No doubt if you cross enough palms with silver you can get any expert opinion that supports your claims but I think any half decent prosecutor should be able to scuttle this particular appraisal but then again with no jury to persuade it will be an uphill struggle in the Slovak courts.
    With the Roma community, concerned members of the public and almost every human rights watchdog etc. watching this case closely the Slovak Republic should tread very carefully. If MJ is committed to a mental institution and makes a quick, miraculous revovery and is released back into the community the damage could be irrepairable.

    1. Now we learn that the Roma family were stockpiling weapons for a vendetta attack on this police officers family. The police have rightly siezed the weapons and presumably arrested those concerned. The eye for an eye culture that appears to pervade Slovak society must be stamped out. The current situation has more in common with the wild west or tribal areas of the third world rather than a modern European country. The ease of obtaining firearms and the willingness of people to use them is a danger to the rest of society, in particular the police who have to face these people. Maybe the law makers should consider minimum sentences for supply or possession of guns as a starting point for any subsequent awards for their use and ensure the courts rigorously apply them. It is quite obvious that the current penalties are no deterent.
      The leaders of the Roma community could aid their cause by condemning the actions of this or any other family that makes such plans for revenge attacks. If they don’t they are giving credance to the general perception of irresponsibility and lawlessness within the Roma as a whole.

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