Murder Suspect Mello Maybe Got a Tip Off

Police commissioner Jaroslav Spisiak still believes there is a chance of catching runaway murder suspect and alleged gangland boss Karol Mello, but it is now a case of ‘don’t know when, don’t know where’ after Mello got away once again.

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Spisiak claimed that the police had been on Mello’s tail, but that by the time the international arrest warrant had been issued, Mello had fled again. Spisiak only found out about the arrest warrant after former attorney general Dobroslav Trnka (now Deputy AG) announced it at a press conference on Friday.

The operation may have been messed up thanks to Trnka’s press conference, where he said that they believed Mello to be in Kosovo. This enraged Secretary of state with the Ministry of Interior, Maros Zilinka, who is now pointing an accusative finger at Trnka.

Zilinka finds it strange that Trnka collected the arrest warrant for Mello in person, for instance, and that Trnka had not notified the police authorities or the investigator that the warrant had been issued. He cannot get over how the media had been informed before the police.

The Mello case has been around since 2004, when he allegedly killed an innocent woman and child. Mello was on the run for years but was finally caught in Poland in October 2010 and after some legal wrestling was extradited to Slovakia.

The Slovak justice system eventually let Mello go on a procedural shortcoming (9 May), but he was immediately rearrested. The same mistake wasn’t made the second time he was released (19 May), though, as the police had not been informed. He vanished immediately. One can’t help thinking how everything seems to have been well orchestrated, but there are not always answers when questions are asked.

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  1. There is more chance of Police commissioner Jaroslav Spisiak getting a BJ from Officers that caught him speeding , then there is a chance of him catching runaway murder suspect and alleged gangland boss Karol Melloooo !

    Cha Cha Cha !

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