Murder Suspect Model Kukucova Loses Appeal

Slovak model Maria Kukucova, who is up on charges of murdering her ex-boyfriend British millionaire Andrew Bush at his villa in Spain, has had her appeal rejected by the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court SR (c) John Boyd, The Daily.SK

Kukucova, aged 24, has filed for self-defence instead of cold-blooded murder and could have been freed from custody if the Supreme Court had accommodated her appeal. As it is, she will remain in custody until the authorities decide what to do, as Spanish police have a European arrest warrant on her.

Kukucova went on the run after the incident in Spain, where Bush was fatally shot twice. She eventually showed up in Slovakia and handed herself in last week to police authorities in Trencin in the hope that she will not be extradited without proper evidence.

Kukucova is claiming that Bush had started getting physical with her and she had acted in self-defence. Bush’s girlfriend at the time of the incident has a totally different story, however, with Kukucova allegedly sitting in wait for the couple to arrive home.


  1. Firstly, I think it beyond belief that any Slovak court has the right to judge the validity of an International Arrest Warrant.~~~

    I have to disagree …what is considered a crime in one EU state is considered a Civil case in others …that is where the IAW falls down and is abused by many States, just to collect Car Fines . What is surprising is that a Slovak court even bothered for a Capital Crime such as Murder ….still I guess they had to see if the paperwork was in order .

    Personally, I believe IAW should be restricted to the worst of the worst ie Terrorist crimes, Murder, Manslaughter, Kidnapping, GBH and Child Crimes …BTW. do we all know that RAF Brize Norton has a LOT plane leaving for Poland each month with IAW victims ? It seems the plane is full of defendants having been round up for the `crime` of not having not paid their Polish Speeding fines ??? You tell me if this what the IAW is for and warrants UK Police time and cost ????

  2. Cretin, the average driving distance from Spain to Slovakia is 1.180 miles.

    Considering driving of a cretin like you – 2.000 miles top.

    I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see the other lies you wrote! You are full of shlt mate!

    1. Spider , quite amazing English ….

      Have you ever thought of being an English Language teacher …oh thats right you are one .

    2. Actualy it is 3062 Km/ 1903 miles – pages missing from your Slowvak atlas/colouring book? My wrong for using miles instead of Km. As for my driving – I’ve probably done more miles in reverse in monastry car parks than you will ever travel by any means.

      1. I knew you would fit-up the tolerance I gave you, cretin!

        Next time think twice before you post your usual trash.

        1. OOOOHHHHWWWW ?

          A lost Spider then …

  3. Firstly, I think it beyond belief that any Slovak court has the right to judge the validity of an International Arrest Warrant.
    Secondly, according to the reports coming from Spain, Ms. Kukucova’s story of acting in self-defence doesn’t hold much water. It would appear that she lay in wait at Mr. Bush’s home for over 5 days, that alone would require her to break a number of laws – breaking and entering, criminal damage, trespass etc. all of which are frowned upon by the Spanish. Then there is the issue of the gun that was so readily at hand – she, as a foriegn national could not have obtained a permit and it is unlikely that Mr. Bush could have obtained one either. The regulations for hand gun ownership in Spain are some of the most stringent in Europe and automatic pistols are totally outlawed*. The Spanish are also investigating how she managed to travel the 3000 miles back to SVK in record time without either assistance or pre-prepared travel arrangements. The facts as reported suggest a degree of design and premeditiation, a local Spanish paper has even suggested that she had at least one accomplice. She should be returned to Spain to face justice forthwith, no ifs, buts or maybes.

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