Musical Tsunami with Waves Bratislava

The Bratislava club and showcase festival has announced the names of as many as 91 artists who will perform October 3-5 in 9 attractive venues, all in the area just next to SNP square. Visitors are thus offered a unique opportunity to see potential future stars before their rise to fame and each club just for one entry.

Waves Bratislava is an event that our music scene has been longing for. Compared to the first annual Waves Bratislava last year, the festival takes up two days and features a large conference for music professionals that will be shared for the first time with the neighboring Waves Vienna.


Waves Bratislava is not a showcase of new talents, neither a festival with global headliners. It’s an event with local and foreign performers that are successful where they come from and aim to expand their existing fan base and tap international music markets.

The first October weekend, fans and professionals will see acts such as the projectHandmade of the Austrian percussionist Manu Delago, who worked with the Icelandic uber-star Björk on her latest album and her tour Biophilia. Performances in Bratislava includeJoyCut from Italy, the Israeli Garden City MovementSekuoia of Denmark, Jaako Eino Kalevi from Finand, the Czech DvaLuno a Deaths, Serbian Repetitor, British girl duoThe Pearl Harts, the Irish Girl BandWe came from Wolves from Scotland, CroatiansDavor Live a Vlasta Popič, Sun Glitters of Luxemburg, Pomradfrom Belgium, Anton Maskeliade from Russia, French Erotic Market, Lithuanian Carnival Youth a Triana Park,Polish projects FlirtiniLil Ironies, or Austrian WandlSixtus Preiss and the singer-songwriter Schmieds Puls.

This year, special attention is aimed at the Netherlands with artists like TaymirAlamo Race TrackKnalpotDJ Asthma AttackGuerilla Speakerz a Julien Mier. The home scene will be represented by Korben DallasLavaganceAMO & bandTalkshowYoucocoFoolkJán Boleslav KladivoAutumnistKaraoke TundraPuristJimmy PéSensorealTante ElzeThe IllsWooluxLongital and the like. The latter have a special show prepared for Waves Bratislava with 2 drummers and a concert grand in the beautiful interior of the MDPOH Theater.

The full list of the 91 artists can be found on the festival web page, there you can check out links to some of their music catalogue.

From this day on advance BRATISLAVA DAY PASSES for Friday and Saturday shows are available for €15. There are still a few special 2-day advance BRATISLAVA FESTIVAL PASSESfor lovely €19, whereas the regular 2-day advance passes will be at €25.


Waves Music Conference as a part of the festival event is this year divided between the partner festivals, Waves Vienna a Waves Bratislava. Presentations and discussions in Vienna will take place October 2 and the next day the conference will be held at Crowne Plaza in Bratislava.

Apart from discussing the current state and problems of the music business, an important goal of Waves Bratislava Conference is the transition of an artist from being local and regional to becoming global. One of the discussion topics, e.g., is crossing the local boundaries, what are Slovak clubs doing wrong, artist as a brand, manager’s role in the modern music business, artists’ payroll in the near future, listening sessions, where instant feedback from professionals from abroad is provided.

The conference is aimed primarily at music professionals, musicians, promoters, concert and festival organizers, journalists, managers, booking agents, etc. But it is also intended for anyone who is interested in learning more about the music business background.

Signing up for the entire two-day conference program in Vienna and Bratislava is possible viaTWIN CITY Conference Pass for €80, or by the €40 BRATISLAVA Conference Day Pass. Students get a 50% discount on the day pass.

Waves and Kinema Movie Night

Waves Bratislava program continues also throughout Sunday, in a more relaxed manner – in the form of two movie screenings. With the support of Kinema there are two films prepared for the Sunday afternoon at the theater Mladosť: Frank (GB/IE) a Looking for Sugar Man(SE/UK /USA). Both are connected with each other by their musical subject matter, each treating the concept of music and the life with it from a special perspective. All owners of a Waves Bratislava pass get an admission discount.

Venue changes

We have added two venues to the list this year – the newly opend Klub Dole at SNP square and Urban House at Laurínska street. A small, yet significant change from the festival perspective is that Rádio_FM took over the V-klub shows, featuring acts from theirDemovnica_FM promising talents show.

Despite common efforts to find a solution, we were forced to make a significant change concerning a festival venue, on the account of the premises of Stará tržnica (the Old Market Hall) being not available this year. Due to unforeseen financial costs the organization “Aliancia Stará tržnica,” has decided, despite our long-term reservation of the premises, to prioritize commercial clients and corporate events. We’re glad, however, that thanks to the straightforward approach of BKIS (The Bratislava Culture and Information Centre) we have an equally good substitute at the nearby Pavol Orságh Hviezdoslav Theater (MDPOH) at Laurinská street, where several musical treats will be waiting for you on Friday.

Bratislava and Vienna connected
Waves Festival 2014 will be held in parallel in the two neighboring cities as individual festivals, Waves Bratislava and Waves Vienna, together with the music conference.

Both festivals will be linked on Friday and Saturday via shuttle service, free of charge forTWIN CITY Festival PassTWIN CITY Conference Pass and PRO PASS owners.

Event date in BA:          October 3-5 2014

Shows in BA:                October 3-4 2014

Conference date in BA:  October 3    2014


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