MVK poll: PM is most trustworthy politician

photo (c) John Boyd

In a recent poll conducted by the MVK agency in November, PM Iveta Radicova was voted most trustworthy politician in Slovakia, ousting former PM Robert Fico from the throne he has held for almost ten years.

Some 34.5% of the 1,120 respondents classed Radicova  as trustworthy, which is almost 4% more than the 30.6% who put Robert Fico on top of the list. A distant third was occupied by President Ivan Gasparovic, who was given the confidence of 15.4% of respondents, along with head of the ruling coalition party Most-Hid, Bela Bugar, with 15.2%.

The most untrustworthy politicians according to the specimen group of respondents is leader of national party SNS, Jan Slota, who got a staggering 41.3% vote of no confidence, followed by two-times former PM and current foreign affairs minister, Mikulas Dzurinda.

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