National Property Fund Has Accounts Blocked

The National Property Fund (FNM) has had its accounts frozen over a lawsuit worth EUR 1 million from the company Vansa.

The accounts were frozen at the beginning of the week, reports daily SME as the court order for payment of the EUR 1 million was executed on its accounts. The FNM was relying on the Attorney General’s Office to exercise its extraordinary right of appeal against the decision, but it refused.

The bailiff who froze the accounts knew about the rejection even before the FNM did, and so immediately executed the distraint order. The daily cites Miloslav Homola from the FNM as saying the Attorney General’s Office and the bailiff were acting in favour of the company Vansa, and trying to rip the country off and deprive it of the handsome sum, as the whole case has been fabricated.

The Attorney General’s Office naturally rejects claims that it was working in collaboration with the bailiff, saying there were no grounds for it to initiate an appeal, which worked in favour of the P.O.Box company Vansa in a typical case stretching back to 1995.


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