National Security Bureau Hackers Declared Innocent

The two young hackers who allegedly cracked into the National Security Bureau’s system back in April 2006 have been acquitted of all charges, reports

Patrik Lenart and Jakub Cerveny could easily have got into the system as the password had not been changed since the beginning and was the initials of the organisation followed by 1, 2, 3, i.e. nbusr123. The password was used while the system was being handed over back in 2001 in test mode and should have been changed, but never was.

The two men were put on two-year’s probation initially, but they were then acquitted at the end of 2010 following an appeal. This ruling was contested by the prosecutor, but today the Regional Court in Bratislava put an end to the case, burying the charges and freeing the accused, who both claim innocence and that they had never even met before the charges were filed against them.

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  1. Thank god ! Just for a moment there, I thought there may actually be some justice in Slovakia ……but it appears the Judges screwed it up again .

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