National Stadium At Risk After Government Falls

Former national venue Tehelne Pole now an overgrown crumbling wreck

The fall of the Slovak government could have an impact also on the financing of the long-planned national football stadium, which was due to be dealt with this month.

Everything was in place as the Slovak Football Association (SFA) had moulded agreements with the Ministry of Education, the investors and banks, but now nobody is entirely sure what is going to happen, reports daily SME. The plan was to get a private investor to build the stadium, while the state via the Ministry of Education is then supposed to pay back the costs in instalments over the space of 10-20 years.

The daily cites head of the SFA  Jan Kovacik as saying he no longer “knows what will happen as they do not have a partner to discuss it with anymore”, lamenting over the fact that maybe one year of hard work could all go down the drain.

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