Nationalist Belousovova criticises referendum

Vice-chairwoman of the nationalist party SNS, Anna Belousovova, has spoken out against the referendum scheduled for September. She is claiming that the referendum is essentially part of ruling SaS party’s campaign in the run-up to the municipal elections, and is a waste of public money.

Belousovova said that people should be made aware of how much money will be wasted for what she referred to as “the election campaign of Richard Sulik (SaS chairman)”. She says the money that will be spent on the referendum could be used more effectively, for instance, by buying building materials for the people whose homes were damaged by the floods last month.

SaS spokeswoman Tatiana Tothova hit back, saying: “The petition committee started collecting signatures even before the party was established. Around 400,000 people supported the referendum, so despite opinions like Ms. Belousovova’s, we won’t play around with their trust, but we will do everything we can to make it successful”.

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