Nationalists Attack Interior Minister Over Dual Citizenship

The recent decision of the Ministry of Interior to allow those stripped of their Slovak citizenship to get it back, subject to proof of permanent residence abroad, has enraged the Slovak national party SNS.

Interior Minister Robert Kalinak (c) Martin Domok -

Deputy head of the party, Jaroslava Paska, spoke out on behalf of his nationalist colleagues, referring to the move as unlawful and outrageous. Paska makes reference as to how the Citizenship act lays down that those living abroad had to make some ‘significant contribution; in Slovakia’s interests to be allowed dual citizenship. He argues that Interior Minister Robert Kalinak basically ignored this reference.

Those who have contributed to Slovakia’s interests by their efforts in the field of economics, culture, society or sports, for instance, would be entitled to have their citizenship, but Paska and the SNS party would exclude everyone else, presumably as they simply haven’t done enough for the country. He underlined how those that had accepted Hungarian citizenship, which started the problem in the first place, would now be allowed to have dual citizenship as Hungarian Prime Minister Orban intended in the first place.


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  1. Big Deal so the SNS are upset ….a party not in power, who got circa 4% of the last vote, of those who even bothered to vote ….which brings them down to what 1.5% of the population at the last Election ?????

    Pray tell why is this news ??

    Bring back Jan Slota ….the tank driving to Budepest idiot …at least he made us all laugh !

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