Nationalists want justice over toxic mud disaster

A scarecrow tells the story. Photo credit: Darko Bandic / Allied Press

The government is to submit a report to parliament within 30 days about the aftermath effects on Slovakia of the recent ‘red sludge’ environmental catastrophe in Hungary last week. The report should set out the impacts that the incident will have on Slovakia and also outline the steps that have to be taken to mitigate or eradicate them.

The proposal came from SNS nationalist party MP, Rafael Rafaj, on Tuesday and was given the green light by parliament. The SNS party, which is not renowned for its amicable approach to our Hungarian neighbours, is demanding that more be done to protect the interests of Slovakia and its citizens with regard to the tragedy.

SNS leader Jan Slota spoke out that no top official from Slovakia had put forward Slovakia’s official position about the incident, and that that the people of Slovakia had not been notified about the dangers or consequences that the toxic waste posed for them. The opposition SNS party wants the Slovak government to demand a full official report from the Hungarian government and for those responsible to be punished.

Fishing on the affected Slovak section of the River Danube has now been banned until further notice because of the heavy metals contained in the toxic red mud that has now flowed into the river. The ban concerns the section where the Moson river runs into the Danube down to Sturovo.

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