Lunch menu review: Nerfetiti – Panska ulica

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Today myself and my comrade in cuisine, “Professor Jock”, ventured into the spring sunshine to find a suitable establishment for our daily lunch. Sadly this option was limited in the cold breeze as I had left my jacket at a friend’s house.

Eventually, we settled into the Nefertiti Restaurant and Bar on Panska ulica. On entry we were pleased to find a smoking section at the rear of this small but cosy and crisply decorated establishment. Nothing akin to the name, with not a pyramid or any other Egyptian paraphernalia in sight. Rather a minimalist stone and painted brickwork mix with tables adorning twiggy things and sprigs of holly, but wasn’t Christmas over months ago? Maybe it’s an ancient Egyptian thing.

After we seated ourselves we were promptly set upon by our waiter. This I must say was refreshing, but then again they were hardly run off their feet. Lunch was soon served in the guise of soup with a distinct sharp vinegar tang and in fairness, it was not too bad. I still have no idea what kind of soup it was; green bean, potato and vinegar soup?

The main course was an ‘aSalted and battered’ Turkey fillet with a dusting of chips, with the lack of any greenery maybe being down to poor Nile rains this year. A little garnish goes a long way, but ours had gone altogether. With just a few chips and some tartar sauce, the offering was tasty all the same. Full marks for taste, but little more than a school dinner in terms of presentation.

Washing down our school dinners were 2 tasty coffees, 1 water and my esteemed professor partook in a 0.5l of beer. The smoking area to the rear is ideal for private meetings or lunches etc, and I am sure that once the summer terrace is out, Nefertiti should prove popular.

All being said and done, not a bad little place, though they should maybe use the TV’s more to show a news channels, for instance. And a little garnish on the mains, please; it’s the little things that count.

Our bill came to € 11 exactly

What to say: Bill, please

What not to say: In praising Antony I have dispraised Caesar (Salad).

Value for money:  6/10 (8/10 with garnish)

Return visit: Ah???? yes!

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