New Automotive Jobs in Central and North Slovakia

SARIO Agency concluded over the first half of this year eight investment projects for EUR 320 million that are expected to result in over 1,800 new jobs in the country. In the first half of last year the agency wrapped up three investments with a value of EUR 75 million and the potential to open 840 jobs. Most of the projects are heading to regions which were disadvantaged till now. The regions of Kosice, Trencin, Žilina, Nitra and Bratislava will do better themselves.

New projects

Hundreds of new jobs may be created in Žilina. Roman Sabo, the Head of the investment projects department of SARIO confirmed this information at the regional discussion forum for the HN regions in Žilina. The volume of this investment is expected to reach EUR 50 million and it would give work to 300 Slovaks. According to the stated figures, these projects should cover the suppliers for the carmakers Mobis and INA Kysuce. Moreover, as Sabo added, the carmaker Kia may also bring some interesting things to the region.

A new investor, the German firm Carcoustics is coming to the industrial park in Novaky. The new employer should give jobs to 200 people by next year. Production is scheduled to start here on September 1st of this year. In Novaky, the company will produce polyurethane and aluminum components of thermal insulation for all leading car manufacturers.

Kia Sportage SUV

New jobs on horizon:

The most important Korean producer of modules and car components and exclusive supplier of car products for KIA Motor Manufacturing Slovakia, the company Mobis, will build a new factory near Zilina, where it employs some 190 people. The investment will require more than EUR 46 million and the state should subsidize part of it by the provision of tax allowances. Mobis plans to produce electronic steering boosters and electronic parking braking systems in the new hall.

The German concern Schaeffler, which does business in the automotive industry, promises to create 320 new jobs in its factories INA Skalica and INA Kysuce this year. The reason behind the recruitment is the building of a Financial Center of Shared Services for the Whole of Europe and Research-Development Center. Movement of production from Germany will require other jobs.

Miba Sinter Slovakia plans to build two centers for the development and production of gear wheels for cars, reads a proposal for investment stimuli submitted by the Ministry of Economy SR. The ministry specified that the implementation of the investment plan is expected to open 120 jobs. The company wants to invest EUR 13.6 million into the construction of the centers. The company employs more than 600 employees in the Orava region.

Source: SARIO


  1. I just wonder if Paul & Lucy get any incentives when jumping up and down in the Medical Garden Park ?

  2. No Dave, it started running out when they re-pegged the Slovak Korun from about 33.2 to 30.126 to the Euro.
    That pretty much wiped 33% off exporters margins, and no doubt drastically cut sario’s workload, and all for what???
    Oh yes!, the then finance minister got caught meeting Mr J&T on his yacht a few days before the new rate was announced. “Visiting a friend” he said, insider dealing we call it in the uk! J&T suddenly buy all Korun before the shift, and Sk inc is sold down the river. Defiantly a political, and not financial decision. I do recall the E.U was going to investigate, but that’s the last i heard

  3. Yet more good news. Lets us hope this continues but at almost 90K per job me thinks the well will run dry soon.

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