New Cabinet Taking Shape

Coalition partners suspended negotiations on the makeup of the new government yesterday having failed to agree on the allocation of all posts. When asked about the failure to reach agreement, the SDKU-DS leader Iveta Radicova said that a touch of friction was an important element in building a strong relationship. She continued on to say that the discussion among the coalition partners was a normal step in reaching the best solution.

The number of ministries for each party has, however, been agreed on with SDKU-DS claiming five ministries, SaS four and KDH and Most-HID three each.

There  has been some speculation on the disagreement between SaS and KDH over the allocation of the Ministry of Economy. Both parties would like to have control of the Ministry and have so far been unable to reach a compromise. Some media sources are suggesting that KDH would be willing to give up their claim to the post in return for Mr. Figel, leader of KDH, taking the post of Chairman of the Parliament, a post that was said to be earmarked for leader of SaS, Richard Sulik. SaS is believed to be willing to give up its claim on the Ministry of Economy if KDH agreed to exchange Interior for Defence.

Leaders of both parties refused to comment on the details of the negotiations. Mr. Sulik did, however, state that it was necessary to thoroughly discuss the issues as the government should last for four years.

The coalition partners will meet again next week to finalise the details.

Expected Cabinet:

Prime Minister: Iveta Radicova (SDKU-DS)
Minister of Finance: Ivan Miklos (SDKU-DS)
Minister of Justice: Lucia Zitnanska (SDKU-DS)
Minister of Education: Eugen Jurzyca (SDKU-DS)
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mikulas Dzurinda (SDKU-DS)
Minister of Employment: Jozef Mihal (SaS)
Minister of Culture: Daniel Krajcer (SaS)
Minister of Defence: Lubomir Galko (SaS)
Minister of Economy: Jura Miskov (SaS)
Minister of Interior: Daniel Lipsic (KDH)
Minister of Health: Ivan Uhliarik (KDH)
Minister of Transport: TBD (KDH)
Minister of Agriculture: Zsolt Simon (Most-Hid)
Minister of Environment: Luszlo Solymos (Most-Hid)
Deputy Prime Minister for Minority Rights: Rudolf Chmel (Most-Hid)

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