New Charges in Gorilla Affair or Just a Banana for the Public?

TV news channel TA3 reported today how new charges are being brought forward in the so-called Gorilla corruption affair, with the police now focusing on specific cases that are outlined in the reports from an SIS secret police operation pointing to alleged ties between financial group Penta and politicians and public servants.

Gorilla curious about investigation (c) The Daily.SK

Police commissioner Tibor Gaspar told the news channel that new circumstances had come out of the investigation that would likely see the charges extended to include the charge of corruption. To date the charges were generalised as establishing and supporting organised crime, but now the police are starting to dissect the reports into smaller cases.

The Gorilla reports led to regular mass demonstrations and protests, but most of the pressure fizzled out after the March 2012 elections. Many are justifiably doubtful that anyone will ever be charged in the case, because if the reports are true, it points to an extensive web of people in high places, which in Slovakia is often too high for the arm of justice to reach.


  1. TA3 owner is a partner in J&T!!! Also in the top 10 richest men in Slovakia… can;t see him broadcasting to much about corruption can you folks? :-)) So its news about little old women loosing their cats, and people dying in a drunk drive car crash!!! lol

    1. Moel, how is the dental brace experience these days ? Fixing those old smiley cheesy choppers ???

  2. Will the opportunity to prove Slovakia is a law abiding country be squandered in an effort to protect certain elemants from disgrace or will these criminals be hammered and made a long lasting example of? I’m with George on this one, any action will be focused on the opposition and anything embarrassing to BnM and his bandits will end up under the carpet, like the 18 million Euro Interblue scandal of his last government which seems to have been conveniently forgotten.

  3. TA 3 should stop broadcasting comic soap opera and start giving the viewers some real news

  4. No one in Smer, or the Nationalist parties of previous Fico government of course, will be involved in this ?

    Let me think, SDKU people, then KDH pope people and a smattering from the business liberal SaS …..and of course Penta and J&T, where no one will be to blame …

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