New Cycling Bridge To Austria Officially Open

The long-awaited pedestrian and cycle bridge spanning the River Morava from Devinska Nova Ves to Schlosshof in Austria is now open to the public, with Bratislava regional governor and head of the SDKU Pavol Freso doing the honours earlier today.

Potential look of new bridge - visualisation: Igor Ščipák

Freso notes, however, how about 5km on the route leading along Devinska road to the bridge is dangerous for cyclists, and so something would have to be done about it, or the whole project would be pointless, he feels. The process of getting a cycle route in place could take some time, with financing and local bureacracy being the biggest hurdles.

The bridge, still to be officially named, caught the attention of the world’s media earlier when the Chuck Norris Bridge was voted the best name for it on an online poll. The idea was eventually rejected by bureaucrats, but many will probably still refer to it by that name.


  1. I say the should name it after a famous Roma politician. Ooops, musician????

  2. Why always someone dead DC, why not someone who is very much alive today??

    BTW . I am sure Charles would just love a lot of young bodies passing over him in the after life .

    1. The only things that should be named after living Sks are the cell blocks of the much needed new prisons!

  3. A new bridge, no doubt EU funded, but no safe route to it from this side – how very Slovak.
    Run a poll to select a name and then ignore the result – How apt for this country.
    A name? Something that embodies the very essence of the country – Bung Bridge, Corruption Corridor, Mediocrity Mile, Space Cadet Span.

    On a more serious note – Why not name it after the recently deceased Karol Kallay, a man who dedicated his life to his art form and to presenting the best Slovakia has to offer.

  4. My vote is for the Bridge to be named after some recent household named Olympic champion, or Euro Pop star ….just so many to choose from ?

    Perhaps President Gašparovič will just die and save them all the hassle ?

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