New Elections Law is Subjected To Criticism

The new revision of the Elections Act that the Ministry of Interior has put forward for interdepartmental review does not allow Slovaks abroad to vote using the internet as promised in the government manifesto.

Head of the World Association of Slovaks Living Abroad (SZSZ), Vladimir Skalsky,  pointed out the deficiency and the broken promise last week. Slovaks abroad can still vote, but they have to do it in person at the polls and present a SLovak passport and proof that they live abroad.

Interior minister Daniel Lipsic does not rule out the possibility of including internet voting in future, but first the technical issues have to be sorted out.

The law has also been criticised by activists from the Initiative for a Civil Constitution, who among other things are complaining that the government has not split the country up into several electorates. Head of the initiative Eduard Chmelar pointed out how despite promises of all governments since 1998, the system of a single election territory will remain unchanged, which works in favour of the bigger parties, of course.

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