New English-Speaking Kindergarten Opens in Stupava

Slovakia will be welcoming a new enterprise this summer after three colleagues decided to open up their own bilingual Kindergarten.

The children’s learning center will be opened by Petra Naik, Shane Hughes and Colm Hughes. Petra is a native speaker of English having lived in Canada for over 20 years after leaving her home country of Slovakia and Shane and Colm are brothers from Ireland.

The three friends have been teaching English in Stupava at a primary school and now, due to their love of teaching plus a business idea, they are opening their own Kindergarten that focuses on teaching through fun and play.

They hope to provide a place where children can develop their English skills early on thus giving them a big helping hand when they go forward with learning the language in the future.

After spending two years teaching in a Slovak bilingual school the trio have a valuable understanding of the importance of immersion in language at an early age and how it can lay very strong foundations for going forward in to a bilingual learning environment after kindergarten.

In a collaborative enterprise that comes from the heart the kindergarten aims to focus not just on English but on learning life skills through the medium of English. Petra, Shane and Colm want to focus on social and emotional skills, physical development and cognitive abilities as well as providing language exposure from native speakers.

They have been spending the spring time in Stupava preparing the premises for opening and have been doing a great chunk of the hands-on work themselves.

The kindergarten is set to open in August with full information detailed on the website below.

The website is available in both Slovak and English language.

You can register or check out more information via the link here:

Or email:

Or by telephone:

Petra Naik – 0903 73 77 73
Shane Hughes – 0948 58 23 62
Colm Hughes – 0949 47 01 11


  1. I agree George, since becoming part of the growing Benta empire this rag has become worse than a free ad flyer. A real shame but being ball- less, and Oh So liaise fair , and so Slovak! is the norm here. But hey, if running nothing but ads for “English activities” pays the bills, why bother writting challenging articles?
    Sad, trully sad.

    1. Hi Dave/George,

      been a while since we spoke 🙂 so here is an update. For past three years I had to deal with a different publication and THeDaily.SK suffered as a result, meaning we published mostly only press releases and events. These promotions produced no revenue and were informative only. This month I stopped working on the other publication and now plan to relaunch TheDaily.SK and sister and parent sites in the near future, so the news service should now return and start to improve.

  2. Such exciting news for a flashing News headline! New Kids playschool opens in the arse end of the world !! Will have bob Fico quaking in his boots.

    I guess the next article will be a in depth piece of journalism with news that this place is sleeper cell for non west loving Arabs??

    Hardly ‘Daily News’ JB …more like one of those free ad sheets that gets bunged in my post box offering me cheap Polish double glazing.

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