New Government To Scrap Human Rights Post

Robert Fico not popular with NGOs

Minorities and NGOs are a bit concerned about the plans of future PM Robert Fico’s government to scrap the post of Deputy PM for minorities and human rights, as he ignored their pleas from last week to maintain the post.

NGOs are concerned that the move will splinter the human rights and minorities agendas, and they were already disgruntled earlier this week when they were left out of social dialogue talks with the new PM. Fico’s Smer-SD party reacted by saying that they had not been invited because the agenda did not concern them.

Now minority issues will not be so centralised, instead being designated to respective government departments, meaning minority education and human rights will fall to the Ministry of Education, culture to the Ministry of Culture, etc. Incoming education minister Dusan Caplovic is not so happy about the idea, saying the complex area of human rights would maybe be best left to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The NGOs rightfully argue that these issue should be administered by one institution that co-ordinates with the various ministries, as the ministries themselves do not really possess the necessary experience, expertise or insight. Another point is that the scope of the agenda will shrink and only be partially dealt with.


  1. ” complex area of human rights” …. Bobby no Mates and his Bandits don’t do complex anything. There is no money in human rights so their simplified system …… just forget about it!

  2. I guess that`s one way Robert Kalinak can appear on press conference and blame the minority victim of their own assault, for their own beating, bruises and scratches and claim on TV they are lying to the world and press criminal charges against the victim , just to save himself and the police he is running as they are totally incompetent!

    Always better to blame someone else as a Slovak …never take any responsibility or blame , it is always someone else at fault .

  3. “Now minority issues will not be centralised” —- and no one will take the blame when things go pear shaped or the EU discovers the millions they have poured into the SK for the Roma etc has actually been used to create highly paid non jobs in BA or gone straight into someone’s back pocket.

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