New Investments and New Jobs

Matador Puchov set to expand again

The Slovak government agreed to provide state assistance in various forms totalling almost EUR 45.8 million to nine investors. The supported companies are expected to invest more than EUR 221 million and open over 1,500 new jobs in Slovakia.

  • Continental Matador Rubber intends to modernize and expand production of radial tires for passenger cars at its plant in Puchov. The project for EUR 153.34 million is to create 324 jobs.
  • Secop plans to spend EUR 21.2 million on a new production platform for components, compressor cases, and assembling of compressors in Zlate Moravce.  The launch of new technologies should create 222 jobs.
  • Aspel Slovakia wants to expand its plastics pressing plant in Kezmarok for EUR 3.4 million and open 59 jobs.
  • Another plastics pressing manufacturer seated in Kezmarok, Plastiflex Slovakia, plans to grow, as well. It will expand its production capacities by erecting a new plant for more than EUR 3.3 million. The investment stimuli approved reach EUR 1.6 million.
  • Company Johnson Controls International wants to expand its plant in Namestovo for more than EUR 19 million and employ 251 people.
  • Limited Liability Company Behr Slovakia will build a new installation for more than EUR 14 million in Namestovo and open 254 jobs.
  • Sungwoo Hitech Slovakia wants to expand its plant in Zilina, producing auto bodies. The overall investment is estimated at over EUR 13.8 million and should create 110 jobs.
Source: SARIO


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